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SVIC Product

SVIC Product


I. General introduction about the product

SVIC is the abbreviated name of Sao Vang Investment In Cambodia which is developed by Sao Vang Capital Management Joint Stock Company Ltd (SV Capital Company), aims to help individual client and organizations cooperate with Company to perform the investment in portfolio which has safe rate and efficiency.

The capital source from SVIC will be priority to perform the investment, financing for the enterprises operate in all field in the short term with high profit. SVIC Fund is majority invest in Cambodia and Viet Nam depend on the capital source of SVIC Fund is raised at each time.

The value of SVIC Fund investment dividend is expected to achieve an average from 25 to 30%/year.

The value of SVIC Fund investment risk manages which does not exceed 20%/Total of maintaining investment capital at each time.

Operation time of SVIC Fund is expected 10 years from 12/12/2015 to 12/12/2025.

II. Operation process of SI Product

The client invests in SVIC Fund by SVIC investment Cooperation Contract with SV Capital Company. The entire of investment capital source of client will be independently managed with the operation capital source of SV Capital Company.

Managing the capital source, performing investment according to the strict process, financial management professional by SV Capital Company applies according to the Regulation of Law in Cambodia.

Report periodically the investment results every 06 months for client on 01/07/Financial Year and 31/12 /Financial Year. The report will be updated at

III. Dividend payment regulation for client and the commission payment regulation for employees

1. Dividend payment regulation for client

SV Capital Company is responsible for management, investment and risk for the entire operation process of SVIC Fund for client.

SV Capital Company commits to pay fixed dividend for client that does not depend on the investment result of SVIC. The payment level is announced and applied annually by Company based on the actual investment results or according to the agreement which is specified in Contract or Contract Appendix.

Dividend level commits and assigns to pay for client in 2015 and 2016 as follows:



03 months

06 months

09 months

12 months


Fixed dividend





Apply for the full contract term

Fixed dividend

0.5%/month/the number of actual days

Apply before the end of the contract term


Dividend is paid in beginning of the term when client opens Contract or Appendix. The client want to end before the contract term, Company will collect fixed dividend which is already paid for client and will deduct from the initial capital.

IV. Contract Regulation and Deposit & Withdrawal Regulation

1. Contract Regulation

Client is institution, individual person in the country and foreign country. All the clients are able to invest in SVIC who have full civil right or the operation business right in accordance with the Laws of Cambodia.

The contract was issued by Company in accordance with the standard that is identically applied for all the company system, Customer Service Department is responsible for all contents which are issued improperly form and prescribed by Company.

Each client just only signs 01 SVIC investment Cooperation Contract; the amount of investment is showed in the Contract Appendix, when the clients change the amount of investment, the client does not need to sign the Contract again, the client only need to change the Appendix as following:

-      If the client change amount of money in any Appendix, the Company will take that Appendix back and give a new Appendix with the amount of money has decreased.

-      If the client deposits more money at any term, the client will sign more Appendix corresponding to the amount of money at that term (at the same term, to know amount of money of different deposit by different Appendix: example: Appendix No.04 is signed at the first time that is Appendix No. 04-1, the second time is Appendix No. 04-2…)

Example information of deposit and withdrawal of Nguyen Van A as following:

On 01/02/2016, the client signs SVIC Contract and deposit 5,000 USD with 12 months term.

On 03/02/2016, the client deposits more 7,000 USD with 12 months term.

On 05/03/2016, the client deposits more 9,000 USD with 06 months term.

On 15/05/2016, the client notified to withdraw money and the Company allows to withdraw on 15/05/2016 with 3,000 USD in the 06 months term.

Employee performs the work for Nguyen Van A as following:

-      On 01/02/2016, Company signs Contract with client and sign Appendix No.04-01

-      On 03/02/2016, Company does not sign Contract again, Company sign more Appendix No.04-02

-      On 05/03/2016, Company does not sign Contract again, Company sign more Appendix No.02-01

-      On 15/05/2016, Company does not sign Contract again, Company takes Appendix 02-01 back and sign Appendix 02-01 again with the amount of money is decreased.

The client may authorize for the second person perform the works on behalf of client relating to Contract but the client shall have the approval by writing of Sao Vang Capital Company.

In the case, Contracts or Appendix Contract is in the end of term, but the client does not notify to end the Contract or Appendix to the Company, Company will automatically renew for client according to the latest update by Company announced to apply.

Investment value in SVIC, dividend payment value is paid for client based on the amount of money and the actual investment deposit date of client with SV Capital which is prescribed in detail at the Contract Appendix. Contract Appendix is an inseparable part of the Contract.

Minimum investment value of a contract is equivalent to $ 5,000 USD, unlimited maximum value. Acceptable currency: Cambodian Riel, United States Dollar, Vietnamese Dong.

2. Deposit Regulation

Clients pay on SVIC investment Cooperation Contract according to the following methods:

-      Deposit in Bank Accounts which are notified in writing by SV Capital Company.

-      Deposit cash at Headquarter, Branch belonging to SV Capital Company or the companies which are announced and notified by SV Capital Company.

-      Or the deposit methods via international payment which is announced to apply by Company

The minimum amount of money for 01 is $1,000 USD (or equivalent, unlimited maximum value) for 01 (once) deposit.

3. Withdrawal Regulation

Client withdraws money in SVIC investment Cooperation Contract as the following methods:

-      Receive cash in Company, Branch or company which are assigned by SV Capital Company.

-      Receive money by bank transfer. SV Capital transfers money into the Client Account which is registered in the contract or the written notice by the Company's approval.

-      Or other methods which are agreed by both Parties in writing.

The withdrawal by the Company only accepted in the following cases:

-      Client withdraws the money when the term of Contract or contract Annex ends.

-      Client withdraws money before the end of Contract term or Appendix contract must notify to the Company before 15 working days. Based on the date the Company receives client’s notice, Company will notify the specific date for the client to pay the amount of money that client wants to withdraw, but not more than 15 working days from the date that the client receive the notice.

By the end of the payment of Contract, the client must notify to the Company before 05 working days.

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